Nimeyo solves real business problems and is central in leveraging company’s information assets.
Sales Enablement, Pre-Sales, Solutions Consulting
Timely access to information, be it latest competitive analysis, pricing, RFP/RFI, or product/solution architecture, is critical for efficient and geographically scattered sales force. Unfortunately, despite heavy investment in Sales Enablement portals, organizations struggle to achieve KPI goals of sales collateral utilization and rep onboarding due to lack of adoption from the end users.

Nimeyo brings a radically simple approach to Sales Enablement. Nimeyo's SE solution:
  • Automatically builds sales intelligence from tools that teams already use and are treasure trove of information like E-mail, HipChat or Slack, Salesforce, and documents or Wiki pages.
  • Delivers contextual content (e.g. competitive battle-card) right within rep’s or SE’s inbox - No search, no need to learn a new tool, no friction.
Customer Support and Services
A customer case triage and resolution takes researching five or more data-sources including -
  • Customer facing case management systems like Salesforce Service Cloud or Zendesk to identify duplicates
  • Internal incident management systems like Jira to find similar cases already being addressed
  • KnowledgeBase articles for a quick resolution of frequently asked topics, and finally
  • Off-band but relevant conversations in email or Slack channels

Needless to say, navigating and searching for information for every new case is a tremendous loss of productivity.

Let Nimeyo automatically build connections among various information sources and enable customer support reps instantly deflect and resolve repetitive tickets within Salesforce, without changing context.
New hire on-boarding
qPod presents business knowledge scattered in various internal silos, as a like (Q&A) interface that allows crowd-sourcing and personalization. This is a tremendous resource for new hire technical onboarding, particularly in high churn groups like front-end support.

When we are learning a new technical skill and have questions, we all go to Google and search . Remember how many times the chase leads you to Stack Overflow or Quora or Yahoo Answers? So why not have a Stack Overflow/ like interface for your own company's tribal knowledge.

Nimeyo builds company’s internal Stack Overflow - out of the box. Among other things, Nimeyo
  • Builds Question and Answer forum by sourcing information from mailing lists, documents, Wiki pages and other sources.
  • Builds subject matter expert (SME) profiles based on employees’ contribution through emails, document authorship etc.
  • Allows personalization and crowd-sourcing of through favorites and voting.

Let your new hires learn from real organizational knowledge using the interface they are already familiar with.