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Slack App Support
We at Nimeyo strive to provide an easy to use, easy to setup experience where we do all the dirty work in the background – so you can do what you want – your job!

However, if a bug or an error occurred, we would like to help you right away. Feel free to email us at so that we may resolve it ASAP.

When e-mailing us the issue, providing the following information will help expediate the process:
  • Your name and company
  • Your qPod instance URL that was sent to you
  • Where the problem occurred:
    • /qpodask Slash Command
    • /qpodpost Slash Command
    • Login using Slack
    • Slack channel import into qPod
  • Steps to reproduce the error, if applicable.

Once the e-mail sent, we will get back to you as soon as possible.