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Supercharge your sales and support team performance
Increase selling time by 30%
Reps spend 30%+ time on searching for information across systems. With Nimeyo, they don't waste time searching for right information resulting in more selling time and revenue growth.
Improve time to productivity
Remote teams and new reps struggle to get timely, accurate information. With Nimeyo, they don't need to rely on tribal knowledge or internal experts or training to serve their customers.
Faster customer response time
Customers demand prompt responses to their queries. With Nimeyo, reps can handle more queries with quality responses, improving customer satisfaction and case deflections.
Maximize ROI from content
Enterprises invest millions of dollars on content management systems but they fail to realize ROI. Nimeyo provides insights to content creators so that right knowledge is produced and consumed to maximize ROI.
AI powered enterprise knowledge discovery solution
Nimeyo qPod creates enterprise knowledge automatically from emails, documents, conversations, communities, knowledge bases, sales & support tools and makes it accessible, usable, and valuable to your teams
Self-sustaining knowledge
qPod creates knowledge from emails, conversations, documents, communities, sales & support systems automatically. Our patent pending AI technology is optimized to create right knowledge from both structured and unstructured human generated content across the enterprise.
Personalized Knowledge
qPod understands and learns about knowledge required for each employee and organization. It automatically creates personalized knowledge for each employee based on their role, access permissions and past behavior
Instant & Proactive Access
Employees can avail knowledge from their favorite tools like Outlook or Gmail or Slack or Salesforce. Just send an email to our email bot or ask a question to slack bot or use gmail/outlook plugin or get salesforce plugin to access right knowledge instantly.
Enterprise ready. Easy setup.
qPod is deployed on-prem or cloud environments based on your enterprise needs. It has pre-built integrations with popular content sources and provides APIs to integrate with any of your custom data sources. Enterprises realize value within hours of deployment and users require no training to use the solution.
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