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Nimeyo combines the power of natural language processing and continuous learning to build knowledge graph for sales, support and services organizations leveraging company’s own internal data.
Nimeyo personalizes and predicts information employees need and delivers within the tools they already use - MS Outlook, Gmail, Slack and Salesforce - No new software to learn, zero friction!
Nimeyo engages users and learns from their actions. Employees can thump up or down or mark favorite for personal and collective good - a virtuous cycle of humans and machines learning from each other.
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Benefits for enterprises
Lack of timely access to business information is not just an inconvenience but a real drag on business top and bottom lines. Customer facing employees in sales and services spend over 1 day per week looking for information, and yet, 40% of them fail to find what they are looking for.

Nimeyo solves this problem by leveraging company’s own informational resources and predictively bringing right information to the right employee at the right time.
Address real pain-points
Sales reps and SEs fielding repetitive questions on competitive positioning, RFPs and product features or support and services constantly dealing with similar or repetitive tickets? Nimeyo eliminates this repetition and makes field responsive and forward looking without expecting them to change behavior.
Build Institutional Memory
Employees generate 80% of corporate information. Unfortunately in most enterprises, this high-quality information stays scattered and unused. Nimeyo connects these dots and builds institutional memory and makes it available to current employees and new hires.
Receive value within days
Nimeyo is a self-building and self-sustaining solution that can be hosted in cloud or on-premises IT-controlled environment. Irrespective of the model, services are delivered within days of deployment. Moreover, Nimeyo integrates with Office 365 and Google for Work out of the box for quick deployment.
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